The Convergence maps and methods are founded in living systems theory and are consequently always evolving.  In healthy living systems, change / chaos and contnuity / structure are the paradoxically necessary elements of maintaining resilient equilibriums.  Most known approaches applied to groups and organizations, resulted from insights that eventually turned static.  No matter how brilliant the original concepts, repeating them creates inherent limitations.  Our approach is to support the ‘convergence’ of the people coming together in any given context, using core principles and drawing on intelligences from different systems.  This ‘principles and systems' approach allows us the freedom to adopt technologies from other established group methods, as long as they can be utilized in harmony with our core principles.  


Our team has been studying various group theories and approaches for decades (check out our affiliate organization who have greatly influenced our work).  We are constantly developing and borrowing (with permission) new methods and techniques that support greater living ‘convergence’.  Our vision is to seed 100s of ongoing self-facilitated Convergence Circles that support people to thrive in connection.  We help them get started and the members keep them alive.  


From our viewpoint, people need ongoing real connection to thrive, yet our culture is increasingly disconnected.  We are all part of an interconnected network of living systems yet we increasingly act as if we were separate islands.  Much of our personal and collective pain stems from this pattern of separation.  In the Convergence Circles we come together to explore the interwoven nature of the five primary living systems that we are all supported by:


1) Our Bodies, 2) Close Relationships,  3) Society, 4) Nature and 5) The Transpersonal (the 'something greater' or 'Grace' by any name you choose)


Each of these systems is part of the web of life - interconnected and interdependent. What ever happens in any one of these systems impacts the others.  We believe human beings flourish when they have a balanced integration with all five systems and the unique intelligences of each.  A core assumption of the Convergence method is that by serving; and being served by, these interconnected systems, our habits of separation are naturally loosened and we become conduits for the greater intelligence (or love) that wants to express itself through us.


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