Convergence Business Circle



This is a 3-month course that will meet 8 times total, starting with a one-day event.

  • After the opening one-day event, the meetings will be 1.5 hrs long and rotate between each of the participants homes (if possible) and will be increasingly self-facilitated.   

  • After completion, there will be the option/hope of the group continuing as fully self-facilitated Convergence Business Circle, where participants continue on to support one another in becoming incredibly successful.

  • The ongoing self-facilitated circle will have a basic structure that all members will have the capacity to facilitate by the end of the course.  Previous facilitation skills are not required.  At any time the circle can contact Convergence or other outside sources and arrange for paid facilitation or guest lectures on key topics.



By the end of the three months you will each have:

  • A detailed 3 Year Vision and Plan

  • A clear marketing strategy for your specific business

  • Beginning implementation of your plan and coaching on how to improve execution

  • A stronger understanding of your internal barriers in regards to success, and tools for working with them.

  • The experience of working in connection to other entrepreneurs/solo-preneurs and benefiting from the collective intelligence, reflection, inspiration, support and accountability.


Who Should Participate:

  • Anyone can call together a group of peers and contact Convergence to arrange a ‘Circle Starter’ course for a business circle.  With that said, the design and materials in this course are primarily suited to solo-preneurs and entrepreneurs who are either in the early stages of launching, have established businesses in need of up-leveling, or dissatisfied with some key aspect of their business i.e. income, quality of life, etc.  



  • Full participation in the meetings and engagement/support of other participants both during and between meetings.

  • True effort and accountability for completing assigned action items

  • Willingness to succeed at levels beyond what you’ve experienced before. Willingness to go through the discomforts associated with growth and change.

  • A willingness to facilitate one meeting every few months in rotation with other members.

  • Open to both giving and receiving feedback.

  • Open to both being held accountable and holding others accountable

  • If you are in town and there is no emergency, it is expected you will attend all the meetings.

2017 Dates: TBA

Cost: $400 per person, includes entire course and materials

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