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One of the primary missions of Convergence Circles is to support the formation and continuation of ongoing self-facilitated circles.  People thrive and grow in conscious connection and they suffer without it.  We exist in an interconnected world and yet our thoughts and behaviors reflect deep unconscious assumptions of separation. Many approach ‘personal growth’ as something we will ourselves toward individually - like working out at a gym. 


At Convergence we believe conscious relationships are the key ingredient in quickening individual and collective growth.  Workshops and trainings can provide amazing experiences and tools, but the ‘pay for play’ approach isn’t sustainable and often doesn’t integrate into people’s lives.  At the end of powerful Convergence events it’s common for us to hear participants speak their longing for continuing the connections they made. It’s also common for us to hear how hard it is create community in these busy modern times.

In response to the call for consistent meaningful connection, we’ve designed a four-month format for starting a self-facilitated Convergence Circle.  It begins with a one-day Circle Starter event, is followed up with bi-weekly facilitated Convergence Circles (that participants gradually learn to facilitate themselves), and ends with a half-day event.  In our one-day event we cover the essential Convergence models/principles, clarify the specific intentions for the unique group that is forming, review commitments and discuss the outline for the four-month format. 


From a systems perspective, a group needs a basic structure to sustain, the freedom to create it’s own unique identity, the ability to draw on the leadership/skills of its members and an inspiring vision the members can align around.  We value inclusivity and diversity so the general framework is intended to support a wide variety of interests, lifestyles and beliefs.  Each circle is unique.  The only requirements for participating are a willingness to grow using an integrated approach, a commit to agreements and commit to a basic level of participation.


The most common type of Convergence Circle is community centered, but circles forming around specific interests, subgroups and genders are starting to emerge.  Currently there are couples, business, nature and men’s circles starting to happen.  Over the coming years we intend to start a wide variety of Convergence Circles: women, mothers, yoga, diversity, artists, various religious centered circles… If you have an interest in starting a circle centered around something not listed above, give us a call.   


STARTING A CIRCLE: There are currently two ways to start a Convergence Circle, either attend a Convergence event and add your name to the pool of interested people in your area, or start your own.  The minimum suggested number is 5 people and the maximum is 12.  If you want to start your own, consider who you’re inspired to connect with and what would make it worth your time/effort.  Once you’ve gathered your crew contact us to set a date that works for all the members in your circle.

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